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Model classification of negative pressure fans
Jul 18, 2017

The structure and technical parameters of the square negative pressure fan for galvanized steel plate are basically the same. The main models have 1380*1380*400mm1.1-kilowatt, 1220*1220*400mm0.75-kilowatt, 1060*1060*400mm0.55-kilowatt, 900*900*400mm0.37-kilowatt four models. All the zinc square negative pressure fan's rotational speed is 450 rpm, motor is 4 pole 1400 rpm, motor protection grade IP44, Grade B insulation. Individual smaller size of the negative pressure fan due to the small amount of wind, noise, exhaust efficiency and low loss as a negative pressure blower, here do not describe. Relatively large negative pressure fan ventilation efficiency is higher, more energy-saving. FRP horn-shaped negative pressure fan is divided into two types: belt type and straight knot from different transmission structure. Belt type rotational speed in 370-450 rpm, adopt six pole or four pole aluminum shell motor Protection grade IP55 F class insulation, low speed product noise is relatively low. The direct motor mainly has 12 pole 440 rpm, 10 extremely 560 rpm/min, 8 Pole 720 turn/minute three kinds, 12 pole motor uses most, the high speed fan noise is big. Belt-type products in the most energy-saving, economic durability, straight-knot products suitable for belt-type can not work if there is oil, the belt corrosion of the site use. FRP horn-type negative pressure fan blades are mainly 6 leaves, 7 leaves, 3 leaves, 5 leaves, the main materials are die-casting aluminum alloy, engineering plastics (nylon plus fiber), glass fiber reinforced plastic three. The wind vane with different blade number, wind-leaf angle and radian needs to match the speed and power reasonably, and the single data can not explain the fan's exhaust performance. , for a long time to the curtain of the people will feel cold and unbearable.